I consider myself to be like many women out there...a mom, a wife, a true lover of fashion and a superfan of comfort. (Yes, you can have both!) One day a few months ago, between wrapping up a workout, running to the office and then racing to pick up my kids from school, I realized that a majority of my days are spent in leggings, because they’re one of the most versatile and comfortable things in my closet.  But I wanted for more—more luxe details, amazing designs, and high performance fabrics that didn’t break the bank.  After loads of research, the only ones that excited me were so expensive it felt like I was making a major investment.  So I set out to make my own. To check all my own boxes. 


There are certain pieces in my closet that never fail to make me feel confident because they look great, fit like a dream,  and feel even better. With 17 years in the fashion industry designing for some great brands, I know how to create that same magic in Style Reform leggings and tees.
I work hand-in-hand with a Peruvian factory to design fits that truly fit and to source the highest-quality performance fabrics.


I think what you wear should also do good in the world.  The Peruvian factory I partner with is WRAP-certified, which is one of the highest socially responsible compliances a factory can receive.  I know the employees, know how they operate. I feel good about their eco-friendly practices, how they treat their staff, and the charitable work they do for both the women and children within their community. 


 Years in the fashion world gave me insight into the huge difference in costs vs. retail prices. I always thought there had a to be a better way of making incredible products more accessible for people. It’s not something that is advertised, but I am here to let you know: you can have amazing quality, beautifully designed, and technically cool activewear that looks and feels super luxe, without prices that make you want to shed a little tear. 



I believe a little friendly advice and word of mouth can go a long way, so many of my fashion-obsessed (and very particular) friends have been some of my best wear-testers.  These are on-the-go, take-on-the-world women like you and me—no time for trial and error. They want what they want at a price that feels fair.  It’s their insight and honest feedback that has helped make this collection so great.