- Oprah Winfrey: Oprah begins her day with exercise and spiritual exercises which include meditation for twenty minutes, reading a quote, and envisioning her goals for the day. She says that she prefers to wake up slowly and give her mind a chance to become fully focused

- Beyonce: After having a difficult pregnancy, I took a year to focus on my health. I have researched information on homeopathic medicines. I don’t just put any prescription in my body. My diet is important, and I use tools like acupuncture, meditation, visualization, and breathing exercises.”

- Jennifer Lopez: According to Elite Daily, J. Lo credits four major wellness activities that keep her going. She drinks LOTS of water, mixes up her workouts to keep them challenging, makes sleep a priority, and takes care of her spirituality with meditation and positive affirmations.

- Serena Williams: While this tennis star spends many hours of her day training and exercising, she also carves out time for family and friends every night at 6 pm. She is quoted as saying “tennis is just a game, family is forever.”

- Ellen Degeneres: Degeneres begins her morning wellness routine with an hour and a half yoga session. She also meditates daily for twenty minutes. The popular comedian switched to a vegan diet years ago and like many of the other women on this list, cuts out most sugar and processed food from her diet.

- Anna Wintour: Wintour is infamous for being the real woman behind the Devil Wears Prada movie. She’s notorious for incredibly high standards and works a lot. However, she does make time every morning between 4 and 5:30 am to play tennis for an hour before hitting a Starbucks and starting her day.

- Michelle Obama: Mrs. Obama begins her day early. At 4:30 am. And it starts every day in the gym, with a good workout. Michelle also notes the importance of making family time a priority, which she does nightly.

Christy Teloh